Salperton IV Gets Doyle Stratis for New Rig

Following the stepping of a new Southern Spar carbon rig, the 45 metre superyacht “Salperton” returned to Palma to have new Doyle Stratis™ high-performance sails fitted.

With the order only placed in July 2011, it was a very tight schedule to complete the design and production of such a large project, but it was achieved with flying colours.

Following the sail trials, Doyle Palma Director, Quinten “Quinny” Houry said “The mainsail fits perfectly and looks and feels really fast. The Genoa’s have a great shape and will boost performance. The Stratis production system enables us to produce a quality performance sail that we expect to last longer than alternatives”.

Quinny was also very pleased with the success of the innovative furling batten system, a joint development between Doyle Sailmakers and Southern Spars, which works superbly. Small track cars are installed on the luff and these are able to furl around the boom, allowing the sail to be stowed, but still allowing for low friction cars on the mainsail luff.

The new sail programme included mainsail, reacher, jib and purpose built racing blade genoa. This blade genoa was fitted with C-tech air battens. These feature high pressure tubing along the leech. When connected to an air supply the batten pockets are pressurised. This system allows for fast sail changes without having to install, remove or store long battens.