Doyle Hydra-Net

Hydra-Net® offers the performance of a laminate with the longevity of Dacron. A woven Spectra® fabric produced in Germany by Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth, Hydra-Net® has been proven through hundreds of thousands of ocean miles. Our extensive experience with Hydra-Net® allows us to cover sails made with this fabric with our exclusive 5 year/50,000 miles warranty.

Frank Mavronikolous looked at the options and decided that a Hydra-Net main (above)  was the way to go for both cruising and racing.   High performance marries durability for a product that will provide years of service without loosing its shape.

Julia B with Ocean Plus sails

Julia B is a private boat so may not see the day in, day out use of the charter boats.   With minimal care, the Doyle Ocean Plus sails will provide 10+ years of service.


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