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"We are so pleased and proud of how this has made our boat look."

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We are so pleased with the new enclosure that you have fabricated for our 47 foot Tradewinds sundeck trawler. The original was so rotted that the glass was splitting and crumbling if you tried to touch it. I have no idea how you managed to pattern off of this. We had three quotes done and they all were within $300.00 of each other. We chose your company as we are very familiar with your work and Eunice and I are both in the marine industry. The problem is getting someone to follow up with service after the unit is in and there is a problem. You are usually ignored and if some of them have their money you will even have to pay someone else to repair their mistakes. Not so with your company, two clips malfunctioned and you are all over it.  We are so pleased and proud of how this has made our boat look.

Thank you!!!! and well done.
Drew Bremner, BVI

Wildcat - "Don't you love happy endings?"

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We are no longer Clewless ! Well, Jan says that I am clueless when it comes to women, but that is different topic.

Those of you with good memories will recall that we blew out the clew on our mainsail during a rocky passage from Antigua to St Martin. The main weighs 350# with battens and would be a SOB to take off and cart into the sail loft. more

"The Cheapest and the best"

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Don’t just take our word for it, read this detailed blog post from Jill Dickin Schinas on the trials and tribulations of buying new sails for Mollymawk and why she is so pleased with her sails from Doyle Caribbean:

New sails – the cheapest and the best, both financially and environmentally!

Having vowed to walk lightly through life, and to do without the frills which are quite literally costing us the earth, we sometimes find ourselves with a quandary: whether to fulfil our needs and desires, or whether to go without. more


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